yearend giving

Make a Year-end Donation

Your tax-deductible gift at the end of the year will help the Consortium continue to provide high quality services to people with AIDS, plus a host of services to help prevent HIV.  The best thing is that you can choose where to direct your gift! CLICK HERE.


We did not off a Holiday Ornament this year because we could not find the quality that you deserve.  We are sorry.  If you would like to order a previous year’s ornament at a special price, click HERE.


Know Your Status

Is it important to know your HIV status so that you can start a medication regimen to keep you healthy!  Get  tested today – it’s free. For location and hours, CLICK HERE.

Help Support Our Work

Make a donation in support of our services to people with HIV/AIDS, including FREE HIV Testing & Linkage to Care, our Personal Care Items Closet, or the Michael Brossette Memorial Fund.

Tell us what you want to support – DONATE HERE.

Or make a donation in support of all our programs – Make a donation!



DelaWEAR One

Mail Order Condom Program

This program is designed to help curb HIV infection and is intended for the following people:

      • those who are HIV positive,
      • sexual partners of those who are HIV positive, and
      • those who are at higher risk of contracting HIV (including IV drug users and people with multiple sex partners who currently do not use condoms).

Click for more details.